Site on-line again !

I’m happy to say, that after some short diagnostic and repair, I managed to put on-line gta5 Polish Fansite again. Site has been moved from one server to another few days ago, and as it allways happens, when something is done in a rush, I forgot about one detail,  to set up on new server, and so the effect. All the problems with site are gone now.

PS. And a Happy New Year, of course !

Welcome !


This web page is designed to share My gameplay videos and plugins I code for GTA 5 + LSPDFR Mod from Community. As of now there is 13 videos and a few plugins , but there will be more to come, as the LSPDFR Modification develops.

I would like to thank very much LSPDFR Community for creating this awesome Mod, and plugins for it. None of this would be possible if RAGE Plugin Hook did not exist, so theres also big thanks to RPH creators ! (