GTA 5 + LSPDFR Video Nr 13 – Sheriff’s Deputy starting at night shift

Movie starts at night, when I was performing routine speed checks on Route 66, later somewhere in desert I get a callout to Hit and Run. After I get there and gather intel, I start pursuit after escaping criminal. At the Ending of pursuit there’s marathon over desert after escaping criminal on foot, before he was arrestet with help of called local law enforcement agency’s officers. Shortly after I found driver under influence, confirmed to be as such by brethalyser test. There’s also man trying to escape from her car, both driver (woman) and a man end up beeing arrested and transported to jail in Sandy Shores (local LSSD station). This ends 12 hour shift of Sheriff’s Deputy.

GTA 5 + LSPDFR Mod Video Nr 10

This time I play as Sheriff Deputy and respond to variety of callouts including “Unknown Trouble” which appeared to be victim of homicide laying down the road in the middle of no-where. There is also some person who decided to call Police because he dislikes some restaurant, and “Hit and Run” callout ended with arrest of the offender.

I was driving Los Santos County Sheriff SUV for the first time, so I didn’t get used to it, as You can see a bit, on this video.