Yet Another Partner Mod

Yet Another Partner Mod for LSPDFR extends Your game experience by :

  • selectable partner among policemen,
  • partner will attack, when shots are fired, closest attacker – if he was in following mode,
  • You can order partner to attack closest attacking/fleeing/covering Ped, if ped is fleeing he will chase him, and kill him
  • If Ped who attacked is under arrest or is arrested partner will hold aim, but will stop shooting, until suspect arrest is done, then he will go back to car – if previously was in follow mode,
  • You can order partner to follow You (he will get into Your vehicle when You get in, or get out, when You get out),
  • You can order partner to halt, he will stop all actions, and wait for further orders,
  • You can order partner to arrest closest suspect, partner will equip weapon, hold aim, and force suspect to knee, and put hands on neck,
  • When player has been revived in hospital, partner will get last car and drive to hospital (it can take some time) – NEEDS TESTING,
  • When Partner is dead or was accidentally despawned You can get a new one,

To select a partner after going on-duty, walk close to any police officer and press select key (default NumPad0), partner will follow You, and will be under Your command. Until he dies, he is in the same group as You, under Your command. When he dies go to nearest police station or any policeman on street and select him to repeat process.

Why I have written this plugin if there are others like this ? Because I wanted to do it myself, my way.
There are no plans for including into this mod any callouts, or ambient events, except partner itself. This mod is focused on partner only.

Requires :

–   Rage Plugin Hook 0.38
–   LSPDFR 0.3

Installation :

– unpack archive file with plugin (7-zip),

– copy “YetAnotherPartnerMod.dll” and “YetAnotherPartnerMod.ini” file to Your GTA5/Plugins/LSPDFR directory

– LSPDFR will load plugin

Please do not re-upload this plugin to other sites as You do not have My permission to do so.

changelog :


  • fixed crash in arrest command, when player is on duty, but no partner selected
  • fixed crash in follow command, when player is on duty, but no partner selected


  • improved arrest command for partner
  • partner now properly equips weapon if ordered to arrest, and forces suspect to knee, with hands on neck, waiting for player to perform arrest
  • if partner does not have shootgun in inventory, after selected, mod adds also shootgun, besides pistol (that was in earlier patch)
  • if partner looses his weapon in some cirsumstances, each command performed on suspects reequips weapons

Version beta

  • fixed issue with partner’s which doesn’t have weapon in inventory, now mod adds missing weapons, if ped does not have them attached,
  • added wider range of police units types that can be set as partners, including swat units, guards etc.
  • added early version of arrest action (it’s sometimes buggy, since AI doesn’t like to arrest anybody, it kills ped instead) based on GTA V native function,
  • improved filtering who is cop and who’s not
  • some other improvements I probably forgot …

Version beta

– when player enters his car, partner following him, should enter instead get close to vehicle’s doors and warp inside seat (fixed),

– sometimes partner just doesn’t stop when he’s close to player, when following him, instead he’s spinning around (fixed),

– sometimes stop command does not stop partner, instead, clears his tasks (fixed),

– increased partner’s health (150),

– added partner’s armour (100),