Arrest Warrant Callout

Arrest Warrant Callout for LSPDFR extends Your game experience by :

  • arrest warrant callout for various criminals including various reasons (murder, assault, robbery, rape etc.)
  • prison escape callout (2 various suspects with variable models, usually armed, sometimes heavy armed, using variable car models, escaping to variable location) where player have to locate escaping criminals – there is only some area known where they are, and this area is from time to time updated with notification from control,
  • arrest warrant callout executed at suspect’s workplace (mostly based on talking, and checking suspects ID in LSPD computer, but chances are also that suspect will panic and try to escape or fight) adding new spawn locations for suspect and more calm callout with roleplay features
  • show player area to serch for wanted criminal near felon’s home, or en-route, or supposed hideout,
  • criminal sometimes waits for Police unaware of arrest warrant, sometimes is fleeing (in such case player will have to locate – car, or person on foot) to seaport, airport, or he/she is hiding in mountains
  • criminal is sometimes armed, sometimes not, sometimes he/she will be heavy armed and considered dangerous – player will be notified about severity of arrest warrant, but there’s some probability of incorrect intel,
  • sometimes criminal will try to fight with player, sometimes he will try to escape, and sometimes if injured he will surrender, depending on current situation – I have put some logic for this inside callout besides this what we have in LSPDFR.
  • dead criminal is best dealt with FinKone’s coroner van, you can also leave scene – at some distance suspect will despawn
  • arrested criminal can be transported with transport van (from Albo’s modification) or by built-in LSPDFR 0.3 prisoner transport

This mod has more than 900 possible random variations of how it goes (given above random conditions), which all count as 3 callouts.

Arrest Warant Callout  : 5 diffrent cars x 9 diffrent ped models x 4 different variations describing suspects initial agenda (flee, hide in hideout, walk by streets) x 3 different arrest warrant severity (+ some chances for incorrect intel) x 3 different behaviour when player arrives at scene (escape, fight, walk by) and more…  PLUS

Prison Escape Callout : 5 different car models x 9 different ped models x 2 destinations x 2 different behavior when player catch up escaping suspects x 3 different arrest warrant severity (+ some chances for incorrect intel) and more …

Arrest Warrant at Workplace : 9 different ped models x 4 different spawn locations x 3 different actions suspect will perform when player arrives at scene (escape, fight, walk by)  + dialogue option and checking ped’s ID in police computer and some more …

This callout has been featured in this Yotube video made by LordMarshal  :

Thanks for this awesome video and spreading the word about my plugin !

Plugin is still in development – see development thread for details

Please do not re-upload this plugin to other sites as You do not have My permission to do so.

Comments section or mod forum thread is right place for discussion about bugs and suggestions, if You think You have spotted  a bug try to be specific, and try provide as much information as possible, this will shorten much time needed to narrow down possible bug cause. Thank You.

Requires :

  • Rage Plugin Hook 0.3
  • LSPDFR 0.3

Installation :

– unpack archive file with plugin (7-zip),

– copy “ArrestWarrantCallout.dll” and “ArrestWarrantCallout.ini” file to Your GTA5/Plugins/LSPDFR directory

– LSPDFR will load plugin

Future Development :

  • add more groups of criminals.
  • additional cars,
  • more types of arrest warrant callout (barricaded suspect – SWAT assault, suspect at home etc.)
  • more variety of target locations to which criminal will flee
  • add more dialogues to player – suspect interaction
  • add choices for player (RP wise)