GTA 5 + LSPDFR Mod Video Nr 2

In this video I perform over 15 minutes Police chase started by callout, respond to EMS call to secure their route to local clinic, save the live of possible suicider, respond to assault callout (arrest) and respond to traffic collision which ends with an arrests (one person is wanted, other one attacks me) and multi-transport of arrested persons option provided by More Jail And Transport Plugin.

There are some little glitches here and there, but overall modded gameplay gives much fun.

GTA 5 + LSPDFR Mod Video Nr 4

After I went on-duty today I decided to tow some illegally parked vehicles, then I received a call to possible suicide attempt which ended in death of suspect (that woman in green t-shirt shouldn’t be so close), later after some patrolling I again called a tow service for some vehicles. Suddenly I received an assault callout (Code 2), after listening everything what persons involved had to say, I arrested possible victim, and possible offender – they will have time to prepare their statemants they tell on hearing, on local Police station.

Driving on emergency lights at the  beach scared almost all prostitutes (You will see them escaping), except one, which I arrested (:F). After delivering 2 persons to local Police station, there was “unknown troube” callout, which apeared to be a joke made by caller. Local Police don’t like such jokes, so person involved has been arrested. 😀 Sometimes I like to play as a “dick” cop.

At the end of shift, I had opportunity to check and call tow service to another illegally parked vehicle.