GTA 5 + LSPDFR Mod Video Nr 1

For screen capture in this video I used some free software, with 30fps setting and very high bitrate, but capture looks like real capture fps was lower than it should. Video is in relatively low resolution, I havent been screen capturing for long time, so I had to find some decent open source screen capture software, so beginning from 4-th video, there is some decent framerate, and quality – videos No 1 and 3 are the worse ones in terms of quality (framerate, resolution).

As of this video contents : there is vehicle driver who was trying to escape from traffic stop, after passing red light on crossroad, which developed to pursuit with 1 local backup unit, and noose helicopter. At the end I do plate check which does not reveal any significat data, and call coroner service through FinKone’s Police Radio Plugin.

GTA 5 + LSPDFR Mod Video Nr 2

In this video I perform over 15 minutes Police chase started by callout, respond to EMS call to secure their route to local clinic, save the live of possible suicider, respond to assault callout (arrest) and respond to traffic collision which ends with an arrests (one person is wanted, other one attacks me) and multi-transport of arrested persons option provided by More Jail And Transport Plugin.

There are some little glitches here and there, but overall modded gameplay gives much fun.

GTA 5 + LSPDFR Mod Video Nr 6

In this video I perform long patrol on the streets of Los Santos, later there’s pursuit on wanted criminal, which ends calling coroner to shot criminal. In the chase I shoot out tires of escaping vehicle. Closely after chase I receive callout to traffic collision, where I find drugs in car, and arrest its driver, after checking her ID in LSPD database. I use Traffic control plugin to stop / slow down traffic in this video, also Vehicle Search Plugin, and Ped Search. There’s of course also FinKone’s Police Radio used and other mods/plugins to LSPDFR.